The Easter holidays are less than one week away, so here are some ideas for fun games to play with the little ones over the Easter weekend…


Easter Egg & Spoon Race – Hard boil some eggs and get the children to paint or colour them however they like.  Each participant balances their egg on a spoon and races to the finish line.  The first person to cross the finish line with their egg still intact is the winner!

An Alternative twist on this, perhaps for older children and pre-teens, is to get them to hold the spoon in their mouth while balancing the egg and have them manoeuvre around an obstacle course.


Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny - For this game, you can either print a picture of a bunny or draw/paint one yourself.  Use cotton wool balls for the bunny's tails and paint each ball in a different colour. Place some double sided or looped tape on the back of each cotton ball.  Each participant then takes it in turns to be blindfolded and spun around before they attempt to stick the tail on the bunny! The person who sticks the tail most accurately is the winner.


Traditional Easter Egg Hunt – This one requires more planning as you might need to set up some clues and hiding places for the eggs. Once you’re ready give everyone an empty basket and a clue as to where the first egg is hidden. When they find the first treat, the next clue will be with it. This continues until all the eggs have been found with an extra special larger egg at the finish.

For added competition you can set up two paths of clues and split the group into two teams to see who can finish the challenge fastest.

For younger children, try hiding different colour eggs and assigning each child to a specific colour. This will make the game last a little longer and prevent any squabbles and scrambles for the same eggs!


If you prefer to get the children out of the house and let someone else worry about organising then why not try some of these fun activities taking place across the South over the Easter holidays:

  • Fontwell Park is hosting a range of events on Friday 1st April including a petting zoo, a funfair, bouncy castle, face painting and of course a big Easter egg hunt with some great prizes.
  • Longdown Farm is hosting an Easter trail hunting for eggs around the farm with some chocolate treats at the end. Don’t forget to put your children in an Easter bonnet to get a cheaper entry rate!
  • Moors Valley Country Park is hosting an Easter Egg hunt everyday from 25th March until Sunday 10th April. Just buy a £2 trail card at the Visitor Centre between 9am and 4pm then follow the clues, collect the letters, and unscramble them to win a chocolate prize.
  • The London Wetland Centre is full of new buds, babies and bugs this Spring but is also hosting a Giant Easter Duck Hunt. See how many you can find with a chance to win a prize if you spot them all.


We'd love to see what you get up to over easter so #mmlmkids on twitter or instagram to spread the fun. Happy Easter everyone!