Lets Pretend - Games for Toddlers


The Letter Carrier - The Postman

Equipment:  Envelopes, stamps (stickers, Christmas seals, etc. - all optional)

How to Play:

1.         Decide who is the letter carrier and who is receiving letters

2.         Determine what will be the mailbox or delivery drop-off point.  If you are playing outside it might be a tree trunk or fence railing.  Inside areas could include a chair, table or shelf.

3.         Letter carrier "drives" or walks to mailbox area and leaves a letter.  She/he then continues on her/his round delivering imaginary mail.

4.         Other payer comes to "check her mailbox" and finds the letter.

5.         Receiver of the letter exclaims "Oh, a letter from grandma!" or "oh, no! Just another bill"

6.         Receiver then puts a new letter into the mailbox that she wants the letter carrier to pick up

7.         Letter carrier returns to mailbox and picks up the letter to go to the post office.  Letter carrier can also deliver another letter to receiver if she wants.

8.         Letter carrier returns to main post office (kitchen? tree stump?) and picks up more letters to take out on her "route"

9.         At this point you can change places and repeat steps 1 through 8, or continue with steps 10 - 15.  If this is your first time playing Letter Carrier, change roles now, before you add more steps, will help everyone become more familiar with the game.

10.       On her next round the letter carrier could deliver an imaginary package (or a box of some sort).  In this case she must go to the door and knock.

11.       When receiver answers, letter carrier must have her sign for the package.

12.       After letter carrier leaves, receiver decides to write a letter, stamps it, and places it in her mailbox for the letter carrier to pick up.

13.       This time the letter carrier ignores receiver's house!

14.       Receiver must run "outside" and call to Letter Carrier, "Hello, excuse me ... I have a letter here for you to pick up!"

15.       Letter carrier then explains that there were no letters to be delivered so he/she didn't stop.

16.       No switch roles and go back to step one.


There are many variations to this game and each player can go inventing and adding their own touch.  That is what pretending is all about.  You can try delivering mail in the rain and snow or the receiver could have a huge dog that chases the letter carrier.