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I realize we are selling children's clothing but I wanted to share a really interesting programme I came across last night on TV.  Maybe I'm the last one in line to know of it, but if you haven't seen it, it is well worth watching.  It has articles about health and diets and the little adjustments we can do to make us healthier, plus other medical advances which are amazing. 


The programme is Trust Me, I'm a Doctor aired on Wednesday's at 0800 pm on BBC Two

For example last night there were articles about



It is recommended one do 150minutes of exercise a week.  

The usual advice is 5 sessions of 30mins each week but it has beenproven that 'Exercise' Snacking' comprising 6 bursts for 5 minutes spread throughout the day gives the same result.   

On the programme they show how they proved this with a team of volunteers.  For us with not a lot of Time on our hands, this solution could be achievable. 


How to Boost levels of Iron in our bodies

Lack of iron leads to tiredness, infection and even heart palpitations.

The body needs its iron intake from our diet as we don't produce iron in the body.  We can get this through foods which naturally contain it such as red meat, or iron fortified foods such as breakfast cereals and sourdough bread.

The interesting fact is that even though there is iron in certain foods, the body does not naturally assimilate it, for instance drinking orange juice or any juice high in Vit. C with the cereal will increase its absorption, yet drinking coffee (which as polyphenols which bind the iron ) make it less soluble, so they suggest drink coffee 30 minutes after having eaten.  Also, cooking spinach in boiling water (rather than steaming it) enhances the amount of iron we assimilate from it, moreso than eating it raw or steamed.  Steaming cabbage preserves most of the iron instead of releasing it into the cooking water. Raw cabbage has most iron as cabbage is high in Vit. C.  This applies to kale, broccoli, cauliflower and watercress.


A cure for Haemophilia A which works

A very interesting article on a major breakthrough for people suffering this condition.

The articles are thoroughly researched and easy to watch and interesting.



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