How to make a Reef Knot

for 7 year olds plus


When I was around 7 years old my father sat me on his knee and said he was going to teach me how to make knots.  I'm a girl and wondered why this was important but I have two older brothers and I wanted to keep up, so I was all ears.  Many years later I'm glad I did as I use the knots all the time.  


Lets start with The Reef Knot.


The reef knot was used for centuries to tie two separate cords together.  Sailors used it for reefing sails, hence the name.  

(Remember it doesn't work if one of the ropes is made of nylon as it will slip)



There is a simple rhyme to remember how to do it

Right over Left and Left over Right

or vice versa depending on which cord you start with


Take two pieces of rope / cord / string


1.  Pass one end (red cord) over and under the blue cord (a half knot) 



2.  Repeat the process, the red end passes over and under the blue


3.  Tighten to make a neat symetrical knot


Hold the two blue cords in one hand and the two red cords in the other and pull tight.

Sometimes an extra half knot can be tied with the ends so as to make it doubly secure.